The Inspiration

July 28, 2020

It's my first day of vacation this year. We're in the middle of a pandemic. I really need a vacation. I've been cooped up at home since March. Complete isolation. I haven't even met one friend. So the first thing I do is go to Toronto island. I have a little sailboat. And there's a great beach. It's my escape. A place where I feel free. I'm also a naturist. I prefer naturist over nudist, because naturist implies being alone in nature. Clothning optional. The first thing I do is strip and hang my clothes on a tree. The clothes look kinda cool by themselves. So I take a picture. Inline image I have two weeks off. Two weeks to enjoy being alone in nature. Two weeks to re-balance myself during these cabin fever times. I text my 3 tv hosts this picture with "Bonne Vacances". Now it's time to unplug. I think I like this picture, I keep looking at it. But I'm a tv director and the lighting is bugging me. Too much back light. So I take it again. I hang the clothes on another tree. And take another picture. Kind of looks like a clothes line. I like the shadows. This one works. Inline image Over the next week I keep coming back to this picture. Over and over. There's something special about this one. Something free. Being in nature. Stripped of everything during a pandemic. The need to escape and get reconnected with myself. I like how one photograph can capture a moment. Clothes on a clothes line in its simplest form.